The Passage of Time

Life Experiences, stories

This blog site has gone unposted in the last several months. No new posts have been written in a long time. Things have happened, things have been changing. I’ve had to put my writing on hold for a while.

Many times, I have wanted to return to my blog, go back to writing my short stories and posts about my life. I just was not able to. Time and other commitments in my life took the opportunity away from me.

Things are definitely changing; it seems that Ireland is finally being able to step out from the shadows of the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions are finally easing, people are getting their second and third doses of the vaccines. It’s still a long way to go before we ever find a true sense of normality. Things will never be the same, the corona is going to stay with us for a long time, but we are getting there.

I am also really busy planning for my future. My future rests on me finishing my Master’s Degree in Griffith College. There is only one semester left of my entire degree and then I am finished. It’s been a long process but at the same time, I’m also amazed at how fast the time has gone. Signing up to do this course, during the pandemic was certainly a very wise decision.

Now, I would really like to come back to my blog. Writing is and always has been my passion and what I want to pursue as a career; this blog will help me achieve that. So, now, I plan to come back and post more frequently here.

Please bear in mind, that I will not be able to post every single day, but I’ll do my best to update as much as I can!

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