Life With a Springer Spaniel – The Stubbornness with Socks

dogs, Life With a Springer Spaniel

Overtime, Murphy began to grow out of his obsession with shoes. He no longer sniffed around and tried to chew up slippers and heels. We were finally free to leave our shoes lying around once again! But we soon learned there is one that Murphy will forever be stubborn about giving up.


I think that my family owns about a hundred thousand socks and at least half of them do not have a pair. My socks have a tendency to get holes in the toes all the time. My dad and I share a problem of badly growing toenails which cause them to rip socks more easily. That means that nearly every day I go clothes shopping, I always end up getting at least two packs of socks!

But anyway, as our little man grew up, Murphy began to discover the fun of ripping up socks. I remember one day when I was in my bedroom doing something. Next thing I knew, I heard a ripping noise, I turned around and saw Murphy on the ground, one of my bed socks in his mouth and he was ripping it to shreds! He was very lucky that it was a very old pair!

No matter how careful we were, Murphy would always find at least one sock to tear apart. My father in particular, has a great tendency to leave his socks lying on the floor. Murphy always comes up to my parents’ bedroom for a morning cuddle. Whenever my mum gets ready for the day, Murphy will crawl under the bed and will always find a sock. And that leads to a bit of exercise – running around, chasing him and trying to get it back!

Murphy has always been so stubborn when it comes to socks. No matter how much we chase him, no matter how we try to pull it from him, it always end up with him going off to rip it up and then, someone has to go and get the dustpan and brush to gather up the remnants of what was once a sock.

There have been times as well when our little rascal has caught us off guard. There was a time when I was sorting out laundry and Murphy was lounging on my bed. The second he spotted one of my mother’s running socks, his mouth was on it! We had a very fun game of tug-of-war where I tried to get it off of him.

In the end, once again, I gave him and let Murphy have his fun. Mum was a sock short that night, but that’s another story!

Murphy will always be our cuddly little man, but from what I learned from that day, he will forever be a stubborn spaniel when it comes to socks!

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